Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management 


With modern developments, an enterprise’s procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, transportation and information systems must be aligned to efficiently serve the ultimate customer.

This course focuses on effective planning and management of highly integrated product and information flow from sub-suppliers, through the organization, to the customer and the consumer. The course will cover all of the issues involved in planning, designing, and operating highly effective integrated supply chains.

Target group:

Managers, engineers, and systems analysts specializing in supply chain, logistics, and materials/operations/distribution management.


• Overview of the Supply Chain
• Practicalities of Supply Chain Management
• Evaluating Supply Chain Performance
• Supply Chain Operations
• Sourcing and Procurement
• Supply Chain Planning and Infrastructure
• Transportation Management and Collaboration
• Global Supply Chain Strategies
• Global Management
• Global Supply Chain Perspectives
• 3PL
• People in the Supply Chain
• The Changing Role of the Warehouse in the Supply Chain
• The Role of TMS/WMS and Other Systems in Supply Chain Operations
• Demand Planning and Forecasting
• Inventory Management
• Customer Service
• Case Study
• How Can You Use What You Learned? 

Course duration:

5 Days- 25 Hours 

For more details don’t hesitate to contact the training officer:

on telephone number 17383001
or e-mail at: gizrmrmt.yzsizrm@gztrgizrmrmt.xln


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